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Dan Nixon

Code Monkey, Electronics Engineer, Mad Scientist.


A list of my current, completed and planned projects.

Currently Working On:

  • 8 way diversity AV receiver
  • Raspberry Pi Zero based dash cam

Completed (or at least not my main focus):

  • Dilbert An interactive badge based on the ESP8266.
  • Hourai RC logging tools Log file format and tools for recording the use and maintenance of RC models.
  • Iku: A kit to convert a standard ATX power supply to a simple bench top lab power supply.
  • ArduinoUniversalInput: A library for controlling multiple input devices with Arduinos.
  • Sakuya: A software development assistant running on a Tilda.
  • Cirno: A simple library for interfacing with Tilda hardware.
  • Reisen: A parametricaly designed clone of Google Cardboard.
  • Kanako (DXF), Suwako (SCAD), Sanae (EAGLE) and Things: Where I keep all my CAD drawings and stuff, contains some pretty nifty parametric enclosures and living hinges.
  • BubbleScopeCL: Command line tool for processing photos and videos captured from cameras fitted with a BubbleScope, currently I'm doing a fair bit of work in automatically detetcing unwrap parameters based on visual features of the image.
  • PlayMusicCL: A command line client for Google Play Music.
  • Interactive Coffee Table: Networked coffee table with Arduino powered LCD displays, LED matrix and audio amplifier.
  • Google Play Music Radio: Raspberry Pi and Arduino powered internet radio accessing the Google Play Music service in a 1930s style enclosure.

On Hold:

  • Alice: The original transmitter/receiver pair used in BubbleCopter, made more general purpose.