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Dan Nixon

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Web Enabled Exercise Bike

By Dan Nixon on 2016-01-06

I decided to ratch an old exercise bike out of the shed in an effort to make more use of it in in the new year. It only took around a day or so for me to upgrade it a little.

I started by removing the existing cycle computer and replacing it with a laser cut mount for my Galaxy Tab, the logic being if I can still be doing stuff like reading articles and watching TV that I would otherwise be doing I would be more likely to actually use the bike.

Then to replace the removed cycle computer I used one of my spare Particle Photons to count pulses from the wheel switch and send data over MQTT.

I ended up just powering this from a USB power bank I had going spare.

I did plan to write a web front end to display the live data and possibly a script to run on my server to automatically submit data to Google Fit, but for now the data just feeds my OpenHAB server.

Code and CAD files for the Photon part are here, CAD files for the tablet mount are here.