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Updating my RC model logging

By Dan Nixon on 2016-09-11

A while ago I wrote a set of tools for logging the use of RC models, back then this was a tad convoluted but worked.

My main issues were that I was keeping the JSON schemas for the file format in a separate repository to the web based editor, which made more work to make changes that would require updates across both repositories and the high memory usage of the telemetry scripts I wrote for OpenTX which can be used to generate JSON files directly from my Taranis.

The first issue is simple to solve, I moved the editor into the same repository as the schemas. This means that the URL for the web based editor has changed, it is now available at

Solving the problem of the high memory usage is not as easy given the way I have implemented the logger. Typically it is not an issue, however earlier today I had an issue where a log file would not save correctly and I lost some of the recorded time (I still had the OpenTX timers that I previously had setup for this so it was easy to fix).

For now I've made a few optimisations to the existing logger, however I eventually plan to replace it with an event logging system that will use tiny Lua scripts that are assigned to special functions within OpenTX and will log a specific thing happening (e.g. arming, disarming, mode change, etc.) for the current model to a central log file.

This would then need a tool to convert it to a JSON file, however I'd rather the rest of my telemetry scripts ran correctly rather than having to spend another minute or so uploading my logs.

I've also moved the OpenTX logger into my main RC configuration file repository here.