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Dan Nixon

Code Monkey, Electronics Engineer, Mad Scientist.

Play radio (almost) full testing

By Dan Nixon on 2013-03-06

I have spent a lot of time today testing my electronics for my Google Play Radio project...

Google Play Music Command Line Client

By Dan Nixon on 2013-02-06

Like every other Linux user I love the command line, after writing much of the Python script needed for...

Testing the Google Play Music Radio on Raspberry Pi

By Dan Nixon on 2013-02-02

I have now got to testing the Python script for my Google Play Music Radio on the Raspberry Pi...

Google Play Music Box Testing

By Dan Nixon on 2013-01-19

I have a small prototype of the Google Play Music Box working, it's almost complete in terms of functionality...

Laptop stand/dock

By Dan Nixon on 2013-01-05

My desk at uni is too small for my three monitors plus my laptop, hence I made a stand which...