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Dan Nixon

Code Monkey, Electronics Engineer, Mad Scientist.

Project updates and stuff

By Dan Nixon on 2014-09-23

Now that I have finished moving to the south for work I have managed to spend some more time working on my own projects.

Designing laser cut panels

By Dan Nixon on 2014-06-25

I have found a trend lately that all of my project somehow include a laser cut control panel of sorts...

Auto monitor brightness controller

By Dan Nixon on 2014-06-24

Lately I’ve been having issues with the automatic ambient light compensation in my LG monitor being heavily skewed...

Handling switches with Arduino

By Dan Nixon on 2014-06-24

Lately I have seen myself duplicate pretty much the exact same code for reading the status of multiple switches...

ITEAD stuff and BubbleCopter

By Dan Nixon on 2014-06-05

Over the past year I have seen myself buying more and more parts from ITEAD since they...

I have time to do cool things again

By Dan Nixon on 2014-05-29

My second year at uni is now finished and I’m now in that glorious time between full time education and...

Arduino Day and Super Mondays

By Dan Nixon on 2014-03-29

It was Arduino Day today, so of course Maker Space had an open day where regular members, people interested...

BubbleCopter and BubbleScopeCL

By Dan Nixon on 2014-03-29

Since my last update I have mainly been doing stuff for BubbleCopter, particularly stuff for...