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Dan Nixon

Code Monkey, Electronics Engineer, Mad Scientist.

Mini Audio Setup

By Dan Nixon on 2015-07-19

A while ago I got an Alesis MultiMix 4 from eBay which I assumed was not working...

Raspberry Pi Blueprints

By Dan Nixon on 2015-05-31

A while ago (some time just after EMF 2014) I was asked if I would be interested in writing a book about the Raspberry Pi...

Post Maker Faire Update

By Dan Nixon on 2015-05-03

I’m just about back into the swing of full time work again after a week and a bit off for Maker Faire UK...

Designing with images in LibreCAD

By Dan Nixon on 2015-03-22

Lately I have been looking at doing more laser engraved designs and have started encountering an issue...

Laser engraving food

By Dan Nixon on 2015-03-22

I’ve long been playing around with unconventional uses of laser cutter/engravers, one thing I always seem to come back to is engraving on edible things.

Building Arduino projects with Travis CI

By Dan Nixon on 2015-01-18

I have been meaning for a while now to look at using some form of continuous integration testing with Arduino library projects...


By Dan Nixon on 2014-10-12

When I first heard about the EMF camp badges and how awesome they were going to be I had pretty much already decided what I wanted to use mine for...


By Dan Nixon on 2014-10-02

A while ago (before EMF) I was working on a clone of the Google Cardboard virtual reality thingy...