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Dan Nixon

Code Monkey, Electronics Engineer, Mad Scientist.

Web Enabled Exercise Bike

By Dan Nixon on 2016-01-06

I decided to ratch an old exercise bike out of the shed in an effort to make more use of it in in the new year...

Last Years Projects

By Dan Nixon on 2016-01-05

Looking back at some of the projects I managed to get finished this year I was quite surprised to see the extend of stuff I managed to finish...

Getting Started with Python and Raspberry Pi promotion

By Dan Nixon on 2015-11-06

I’m happy to be able to give readers of my blog a half price discount on Getting Started with Python and Raspberry Pi when...

NeoNextion Arduino library

By Dan Nixon on 2015-09-17

Recently I started using the Nextion displays for a few of my projects...

Rugged Laptop Case

By Dan Nixon on 2015-09-17

My old HP G62 laptop has been on it’s last legs for a while now and the display and battery were pretty much buggered...


By Dan Nixon on 2015-08-09

It was a while ago now I started designing this kit to convert an ATX power supply to a usable bench supply...

Parametric Boxes (that are actually useful)

By Dan Nixon on 2015-08-02

A while ago I designed some parametric enclosures mainly for the fun of it after I was first introduced to OpenSCAD...

Harwell Campus Open Day (with robots)

By Dan Nixon on 2015-07-19

I thought I may as well throw a post together about the robots that a few fold from work an I build for the Harwell campus open day.