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MIDI Accordion and future projects

By Dan Nixon on 2013-03-29

I have only just got round to finishing my MIDI Accordion project today.

The accordion is powered by an Arduino Mega which polls a 16x3 PTM switch matrix used to create the array of note keys as well as a few other switched and potentiometers for some other functionality, i.e. changing MIDI channel, velocity, pitch bend and modulation.

Top of accordion showing status LEDs

Top of accordion showing status LEDs

Front of accordion

Front of accordion

And here is a video giving a little more detail about the project:

I also have a couple of projects lined up for summer, one is a scalable home automation system with a web UI and Android application, for this I am currently working on an RF networked Arduino which can be produced as cheaply as possible, use as few components as possible and use as little power as possible (particularly as I would like them to run on a 9V battery for months).