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Google Play Music Box Testing

By Dan Nixon on 2013-01-19

I have a small prototype of the Google Play Music Box working, it's almost complete in terms of functionality, all that is left is to tie each part of the UI together and implement the scrobbling.

So, all that is working:

  • Downloading library from Google Play
  • Playing a song from Google Play
  • Queue songs to be played
  • Artist -> Album -> Song library search
  • System volume control (on Linux only, but this is intended to run on a Pi so not that important)

That which is not working or needs work:

  • Error handling: errors are handled fine, just need to add LCD feedback as other than the console there is no indication that an exception had been raised
  • scrobbling: this should be simple enough to integrate with the API
  • Love/Play Thumbs Up: one button to do both
Testing setup

Testing setup

I will not release any code, schematics or PCB layouts yet as it is simply not finished and there will likely be a variety of changed to be made.

UPDATE 20/01/2013: integration is done. Radio sets now listening status on after song has started playing and sends scrobble after it has finished, there is also a "love" button which sets the current song as loved on (this will also give it a thumbs up on Google Play in the end)