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Dan Nixon

Code Monkey, Electronics Engineer, Mad Scientist.

On the EASA drone regulations

By Dan Nixon on 2016-10-01

I've just had a chance to have a decent read through the new regulations set out by the European Aviation Safety Agency regarding the operation of unmanned aircraft ("drones") and find it not particularly surprising that many oversights seem to have been made throughout.

Updating my RC model logging

By Dan Nixon on 2016-09-11

A while ago I wrote a set of tools for logging the use of RC models, back then this was a tad convoluted but worked.

Creating apps for the Dilbert badge

By Dan Nixon on 2016-07-19

This will be a quick tutorial on how to create and deploy an "application" for the Dilbert badge.

Hourai logger for OpenTX

By Dan Nixon on 2016-07-16

Since finishing the Hourai file format for RC logs I've been wanting to have my TX automatically generate such log files...

Setting up Vim on Windows

By Dan Nixon on 2016-07-16

For a while now I've wanted to have Vim setup on Windows identical to how I have it under Linux...

Dilbert interactive badges

By Dan Nixon on 2016-07-09

A while ago after the organisers of EMF announced that they may not be able to manufacture the Tilda Mkπ I started designing my own badge for the sake of still having a cool badge for the event.

Multi-protocol modules

By Dan Nixon on 2016-07-09

After having started my own project to make a general purpose radio module that would work with multiple protocols for controlling RC models...

Hourai RC logging tools

By Dan Nixon on 2016-07-07

Ever since I started using a radio that supports OpenTX I've been looking for an easy way to log the time I spend using various models.